It's been a long long while....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been a very very long while since I've update this blog with a post... hah...I enjoy reading other people's blogs but a tad lazy to update mine! Well, 2009 has been a pretty busy year for us.. Celine's started school and adapting very well to it. Olivia's easing into her role as big sister in school with ease... and I'm loving it that my kids are growing up! though it could be a bit too fast. Before I know it, they'll be all grown up already ! 

Well, I've been rather busy as my sister, mom and I have started a little business of ours... something that we love to craft and design... do visit us here if you're a tad curious about what I've been up to. 

Till my next post, which I hope that wouldn't be too long... Happy Belated Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day in advance. 

updates updates updates

Saturday, November 01, 2008

ya ya I know... it's been a long time since my last update... that seems to be my trend anyway huh... Life's been quite busy these past couple of months... I've lost a maid... been maidless for a couple of months before Catherine came along...and she's definitely been a great help and God sent :) Both Olivia and Celine have also been keeping me busy.. Celine's been pestering us to send her school, having following mummy to school everyday to pick Olivia up... yes, she's due to go to school next year...but she's a tad reluctant to be toilet trained.
These last couple of months have also been a trying time in terms of work and my spiritual walk with God. This year itself has been a year of breakthroughs to a certain extent.. I've seen God's hand very clearly in my own life as well as my families... and am always reminded that God's great, merciful and full of love and grace.
ah..but I've also accomplished some long overdue projects such as the picture frames on the wall - yes.. I've put photos in them finally :) and I've also filled up another photo frame...
and we're going on another trip soon :) so...till the next update.. and I promise that it would not take that long... :)

Olivia's belated 4th birthday post

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Olivia turned 4 on the 29 June 2008. How fast time flies. She's now a talkative, independent, cheerful and cute but sometimes stubborn endearing little girl. She's rather responsible when it comes to doing her homework, but there are times when the 4-year old habits and behaviour overules that!
She had a few rounds of birthday celebrations ie blowing out the candles on various cakes... 3 I think to be exact :) Her final celebration was with her friends in Juara Cerdik and they had a blast!
As you can tell, we're celebrating like back to back birthdays starting from Elvin's in the mid-June, followed by Olivia and then Celine. It's all within 6 weeks and sometimes, I don't even have time to think of what exactly I want to be done for their birthday celebrations... looks like I have to start planning waaay ahead.. :)

I'll post some photos in my next post... in the mean time, Olivia has started with the phrase "Are we there yet" whilst on road trips.... urgh...

Happy Birthday Celine

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Celine!! She turns 2 today... she has definitely brought our family lots of laughter, joy and love. She's really cute and together with Olivia, they definitely remind us of God's grace and love.
We celebrated her birthday earlier on.. and yesterday, we brought her for a haircut.. she looks rather different... and I shall post her pictures up later... but for the mean time, Happy Birthday Celine... May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly and continue to keep you close to Him...

Long overdue updates....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's been a long long time since I've updated my blog. I must admit.. I love reading other people's entries but dread to write mine as I always think that my entries are not exciting or interesting enough... but will always remind myself that af the end of the day, these entries serve as a reminder or rather like an online journal. :)

Much has happened since my last entry... Olivia is growing up quickly, easing into her big sister role effortlessly. Celine is fast catching up on the art of communication - she speaks rather well that I keep forgetting that she is not yet 2! Both of them are definitely a source of joy for the entire family.. including the extended families.

In March, we went for a family holiday with another family to Krabi, Thailand. It was very fun. We stayed at the Pakasai Resort, which was around the corner of Ao Nang beach. It was very nice and cozy... The kids had a ball of a time with Brendan & Bryan who came along with their family. It was a very laid back holiday for us. No stress to do this and that but merely enjoying time with the kids and spending time with friends. We spent time at the beach and the pool, explored Krabi town and ate Thai food.. :) We even had cheap and yummy Thai desserts! At the end of the trip, we all came back a bit sunburnt, except for Celine, who only turned a tad red... and Celine knew how to say "I want to go for holiday...with Brendan".. :)

In May, Elvin and I went for our first trip without the kids to exotic Turkey. It was stunning and beautiful. The country is just so deep with history and beautiful sites. What made it even better was that we had a really really good tour guide, he was just fantastic - his knowledge was really really awesome and he made history sound so so interesting. I would definitely recommend you make Turkey one of your holiday destinations, if you can stomach bland and unappetizing food for 10 days. :) We missed the kids terribly... and they us too. A big thanks to Mummy for helping to watch them for the 10 days that we were away.

We also had a family photo shoot on Mother’s day at Lake Gardens with Jenny Sun. The world is really small, whilst I was looking greedily at the photos that she features on her blogsite, little do I know that she actually knows Yen and Jon. We had a great time that day and the weather was very kind to us. Most of all, we had lots of fun! I’ll post the pictures once I’ve gotten them on me.

More stuff to post up next… coming up will be my posts on birthdays as the birthday season of our family has started J Stay tuned.

Nintendo Wii anyone?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elvin and I are not very much into playing video games... we'd much rather be spending time with the kids, friends or our extended family. So, as a Christmas present to ourselves, we bought a Nintendo Wii...and we've been having fund with it as a family every since. I played till my arms ached...definitely a sign that I'm old and so out of shape! But it wasn't just me, hahaha, everyone else except for Elvin and Olivia... :) One of my resolutions this year was to exercise, thus far, I've only been exercising with the Wii... playing tennis and golf. Anyone who has played the Wii will be able to attest to the fact that u can indeed break a sweat by playing...
Anyhow, my remark to Elvin was : "Buying the Wii is better than buying a new car!" The whole family can definitely enjoy it... young or old.

Bali and Ipoh Trip

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I went to Bali last month for my first overseas company trip. It was great and I had a lot of fun. I guess also the company helps - some of my colleagues are great people to travel with. We visited some temples, saw some obese monkeys, ate a lot, had cheap pedicures and manicures, shopped a lot and got a sunburn too! It was really fabulous shopping coz most of the things were cheap. I managed to buy a dress for RM14... so that's really cheap. :) On in all, I had a blast and it was a good break from work and an additional plus was having some "me" time to myself!

When I was in Bali enjoying myself, my kids, Olivia and Celine, were having a blast at their paternal grandparent's home in Ipoh. This marked the first time both girls went away without us, their parents. And I'm proud to say that they definitely did better than me when I was their age! The gals spent about 4 days in Ipoh and definitely gave their grandparents some additional strands of white hair! :) But I'm sure they all had a blast.

Here are some pics from my Bali trip as well as a slightly updated photo of the girls....

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